Poet of the Month

by Amber Horne

At the Poetry Society, we are happy to announce our first poet of the month as… Luke Johnston!

As a society, we voted for Luke to receive this reward because of his dedication to society events and the quality of his work that he is always happy to share with the group. Luke said, “it felt extremely warming to be the first poet of the month, I’m glad to have found such a welcoming group to share my passion with.”

You can read an example of the work he has been writing with us below. 

I am riding home. 

And no bush of thorns grown, 

or bloody barricade erected 

will block my way. 

They will, 

from heavy hooves, 

be viciously pushed out of their place, 

of my way. 

They will be planted, 

under foot, 

into the earth so that they may grow. 

Grow into something good. 

If they do not, 

then I will not weep their removal from this plane. 

If they do, 

then I will hold you, 

look back over the path I have carved 

and admire the beauty 

of dead men. 

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