Biology Society 2022/23

by Genti Mezini

As summer ended, we really wanted to kick semester 1 off with a BANG! (Metaphorically of course, all our experiments have been very safe!). The committee has been really looking forward to getting stuck in and planning events for the year for our members, especially with three new committee members and Abie (the previous Inclusivity Rep/Secretary) stepping up to the position of Chair. As an academic society we really wanted to provide a casual space for people to work and use science as an engine for fun!

Welcome fair

Biology stall at the 2022 Welcome Fair

We started this year with an amazing day at the Welcome Fair. This was our first event of sorts and we really loved meeting you all. Our dancing skeleton seemed to be very well liked by the students who came to speak to us. We really had a great time meeting students and we were in the Top 3 for best dressed society stall (what a great way to start the year?!).


As welcome week continued, our society hosted a table at the Students’ Union Crafternoon session to talk to prospective members and get to know other students a bit better. This session was an absolute success, and the SU knocked the event out of the park. It was amazing to see so many people come along to get to know some of the different societies and let their creative sides show. Our committee came up with the idea of letting people go wild on blank pencil cases, with embroidery and fabric pens. This idea proved to be a fun outing and it was so great to see everyone express themselves in a unique way.

Give it a Go

Following on from the crafternoon session we hosted our Give It A Go session which saw us invite all you lovely students to come along and meet some of the committee and potential members for the society and “Have some fun with science”. Elephants’ toothpaste anyone? And who doesn’t love fire, right? We absolutely loved spending time with everyone who came along and are so excited for the rest of the year.

Study Sessions

Just a quick heads up to everyone too, as an academic society we are thrilled to be able to provide a casual setting for anyone to come along and study or have a casual chat with us and other members in a drop in drop out, as you please format. These sessions happen every Monday and we will have a set room for them soon. Until then, keep an eye on our social media @worcesterbiologysociety on Instagram, @Worc_Biology on Twitter and ‘University of Worcester Biology Society’ on Facebook.

Something to look forward to?

To round this little blog off, what do we have planned for you all to look forward to? Continuing from last year we want to invite guest speakers from the University and from professional settings, as well as alumni and former students to host a talk where they share their experiences, their journey, research and opportunities, and to answer any questions you may have.

We are also looking to get involved in upcoming events and potentially some collaborations with other societies, so keep an eye on our socials for more information on that.

Something we would also love as a committee is for members of society to give us suggestions, we want to hear from YOU. What do you lovely folk want to see us do and arrange?

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