Women’s Football: How inclusivity and diversity make a stronger team

by Holly Morris

As a club, we strive to stand by our moto of “We are one team, one club and one family”. Our success on and off the pitch comes from our commitment to come together and support the differences of others. We see the importance of promoting inclusion and diversity within our club, which allows for all our members to feel part of our community. This year, we have aims to expand our football community, which has led us to introduce a recreational membership. Women’s football value all abilities and we want to share what we do as a club to people who are new to football. Our club is becoming stronger and this year to support with this we have shown:

  • Our support for deaf awareness month.
  • Our support to black history month on our social media.
  • Our inclusive strategies to support a blind member to feel part of our club.

We are sharing this with everyone with the aim to encourage other Clubs and Societies to promote inclusivity and diversity in their club. Women’s Football is well known for being an inclusive club and this leads to our success as a team.

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