Biology Society – Semester Round-up

by Genti Mezini

The Biology Society has really been putting the work in this semester, hosting incredible guest speakers to impart their nuggets of knowledge and wisdom upon us, hosting Raise and Give events celebrating influential LGBTQ+ figures in the STEM field and raising money for the Stonewall Charity, as well as hosting a Movember Games Night. 

These events were a great success thanks to the hard work of our new committee members Emma and Jesse, working alongside Abie and myself! 

Academic Talks 

A serving of liquid gold anyone? 

The Biology Society has been hosting academic talks with guest (and not so guest) speakers where they impart their wisdom and experiences, as well as important information about the courses they lead and their research. Most recently we saw the wonderful Dr Amy Cherry deliver her talk on Proteins: Natures Molecular Machines, the diverse role of proteins in the world and how further study of proteins may open new avenues and improvements in the potential for disease treatment; fascinating stuff! 

We also have Prof. Kay Mohanna of the Three Counties Medical School coming to deliver a talk on the Graduate Medicine Programme and throughout the new year after Christmas we aim to hold even more of these talks. 

You really won’t want to miss these amazing once in a lifetime opportunities! 

Keep an eye on our Instagram (UOW Biology Society/worcesterbiologysociety), Twitter (@Worc_Biology) and Facebook (University Of Worcester Biology Society) 

Trans Awareness Week and Pride in STEM 

With Trans Awareness Week around the corner, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to celebrate the successes of the amazing LGBTQ+ figures in the STEM field. We had a raffle with prizes like colouring books and vegan sweets, a build-your-own bracelet station, a fun play with lego station and a very on brand ‘put the organs back in the body’ challenge (where the SU’s own Hannah Heskin beat even us Committee members!). 

The event was hosted in the hangar and all of the money we raised at the raffle was donated the Stonewall Charity, a charity who supports the LGBTQ+ movement and LGBTQ+ rights. We also provided information on other charities and campaigns in support of LGBTQ+ rights and movements. 

Movember Games Night 

For Movember we decided it would be a very fun idea to host a BYO games night. Unstable Unicorns and Exploding Kittens were huge hits and it was incredibly fun to play! It was a enjoyable and chilled out evening which left a smile on our faces, whilst also raising money for a great cause (No real kittens were hurt in the process). 

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