Men’s Hockey

by Tim Young

Having built our team in September, we have grown as a sports club from having a handful of members to forming a close-knit team of 16 paid members.

So far, we have pitch training on Mondays, matches are played on Wednesdays, and we alternate between pitch and gym sessions every Friday. We have formed relationships with the Wheatsheaf pub, McDonalds and Akuma. The Wheatsheaf has helped us raise money for the charity, Movember. McDonalds have given us a sponsorship deal and Akuma have helped us create our new and improved kit. We participate and enjoy playing in the BUCS league and look forward to our upcoming Varsity match with Gloucester. We are an ever-expanding club and look forward to what next year has in store for us as a club.

Check out our TeamWorc TV episode here where our Club Chair, Tim spoke to our VPSA, Meg when she joined Women’s Hockey for a session!

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