Psychology Society

by Tereza Vidrová

The Psychology Society has experienced a huge re-start this academic year!

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the society had not been active due to the lack of face-to-face sessions. However, since there are no restrictions in place this year, we have decided to again provide a space for all psychology lovers! Specifically, we have already organised several sober socials such as fun quizzes, study sessions and even a feel-good movie night where we watched La La Land!

Nonetheless, our biggest success so far has been a guest-speaker session with Dr Laura Simmons (UOW Senior lecturer in Psychology) who gave a talk about well-being and stress. The session was very interactive and engaging with an amazing Stress Bucket activity. The event attracted individuals who do not even study psychology, which we see as a huge success since we appreciate such high interest in our favourite subject! Hence why, as a Chair, I am really glad that we have re-started the society and we have the opportunity to meet lovely students and exchange information and knowledge!

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