Meet the Disabled Students Network!

By the Disabled Students Network

The Disabled Students Network is a small network of students representing disabled students across the University. We hold socials to provide an opportunity for students with disabilities to relax and socialise together, proving a support network and opportunities for those interested in disability or planning to work in this area to also get involved.

This year has been unusual for us because we have had to adjust to life returning to normal and in person. It has been so lovely to start being more social in person, but we have also learned from the lockdown years how technology has provided an accessible means for some people with disabilities to be included and involved, and so offer virtual alternatives to joining in person.

We held several online catch-ups with the network members to provide an opportunity to socialise, and our in person socials have involved fun games nights with refreshments. We have included board games and playing boccia as some of our activities and have tried to be as inclusive as possible to involve as many people with different disabilities as possible.

We held a social media awareness month recently on the different assistive technologies and equipment that can be used to support people with different needs and disabilities.

The network has also been represented at several canal cleans arranged by the Students’ Union to support our beautiful environment around Worcester.

Next year we plan to encourage more awareness of our network by holding more socials, some sign language sessions to promote inclusivity, and regular posts on social media relating to disability awareness.

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